Time to start eating well (not less!)

So we are just about getting round to thinking about eating well – there were far too many goodies left over from the festivities! If like us, starting the new year right normally means starting a healthier eating regime, there is no better time to start detoxing your body and giving your insides some love. Rather than looking at what you can cut out, we are looking at what we include in our meals that will start to make us feel and look great. Greatlist.com have put together a great selection of sample meal ideas to help get us started!

Vanilla Chia PuddingTime to Detox

For breakfast, consider the chia seed, recognised as one of many super foods that boast a great natural source of protein, antioxidants and essential minerals, meaning that you’re already off to a great start before you add them to a recipe!

Try mixing a few seeds in with milk, maple syrup and a touch of vanilla, and leaving to set – and you’ll be left with a low-cost, low-calorie and high antioxidant breakfast that will knock cereal off its perch!

Black Bean and Quinoa Chilli

chili9With Winter sticking around for another month or so, why not detox with a warm and satisfying chilli made up of one of the most popular superfood sources on the market?

Chilli in all its forms has a real potency and kick behind it to warm anyone up, and with this vegetarian approach to the dish, throw in a few serrano peppers and you’ll have a quick, healthy, warm and filling lunch on your hands in no time.

Green Goddess Enchiladas

Time to detoxCarrying on with the Mexican theme, there’s another way you can bring a veggie-exclusive detox dinner to the table – once you’ve had your fill of quinoa chilli, why not go for a healthy chickpea and chilli wrap that even the most ardent quesadilla lover can be converted to?

Crammed full of minerals and vegetables that you can pick up with ease, this is a great, quick little go-to dinner for anyone looking to ditch the preservatives this new year.

Salt and Vinegar Kale Chips 

Time to detoxIf all else fails, there’s always crisps – but don’t go for a bag off the shelf!

This handy little recipe from GimmeSomeOven.com allows you to recreate delicious sea salt crisps without the potatoes – swapping out instead for healthy pieces of Kale to munch on instead. Quick, simple to prepare, and far less guilty eating than a bag of multipack snacks – give them a try!

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