Kitchen tiles – what works for you?

Every kitchen is different – one thing’s for certain! For many people, their kitchen is their sanctuary, their place in the home to relax and unwind – and for others, it’s where they practice their trade or make fantastic new creations. Whatever you may use your kitchen for, you may think that decoration may be a secondary issue – but not so!Kitchen tiles

Kitchens can suit a wide range of wild and wonderful tile solutions, and we don’t just mean a range of colours! When all is said and done, it’s all about what works best for you – but we’ve found some ideas that could really get you thinking about tiling your kitchen out with some stunning contemporary designs.
make the case that you may not even need to go in for normal kitchen tiles at all, rather you could opt for floor tiles. With alternating patterns, you could really rustle up a rustic and raw look to a kitchen which will inspire home cooking and raw ingredients alike. The blog looks at different styles of brickwork tiles you could opt for, or if you really want to run with a basic tile design, an alternating run of colours or shapes could really bring out the character in your cooking area.

Kitchen TilesRemodelista, however, looks a little bit beyond the wall, if you like – and shows a stunning collection of spins, on the whole, concept of wall tiling.

Offering complex shots of pantries, oven hoods and even worktops covered in clean and contemporary tiling design, it’s rather inspiring – and who really would have thought about incorporating shelving directly into a wall, and part of the tiling itself? It’s all rather modern, and rather wonderful and the same time!

Kitchen tilesApartmentTherapy goes the whole hog, however, and examines a wide gamut of tiling trends that are so contemporary your average hipster’s beard could jump straight off his face in shock! From Provenza’s weathered ‘groove’ collection offering a dark and scratchy twist on an otherwise modern kitchen – right through to hand-drawn geometric designs, cartoonish emblems and mathematical shapes, there really does appear to be a tile collection out there for everyone. ApartmentTherapy’s gallery of tiling ideas will particularly appeal to those who look for character as well as functionality and cleanliness in the kitchen design – but some may be far too bizarre for others!

Whatever you may use your kitchen for – whether it be for cooking large family meals or nouveau cuisine for two – it’s good to get a look that not only complements your home and colour scheme, but also one that complements your personality, your style, and your role in the kitchen itself. Are you a fun and adventurous cook that loves blending together tastes and styles effortlessly? Or maybe you’re more into classic fare with a stylish twist – whatever you make, and whatever you make of your kitchen – it’s very modern to opt for tiling or interior design that looks good enough to eat – or at least to look at while waiting for dinner!