Kitchen colours to stimulate your appetite!

Kitchen Company BoltonThe kitchen is increasingly becoming a hub of social activity in the home, a place that is more than merely functional, offering the space for the entire family to enjoy each other’s company over a meal or to entertain friends or colleagues during an evening. Selecting the right colour for your kitchen is essential therefore to achieve a particular ambience but, with a vast array of shades from which to choose, picking the most appropriate kitchen colours can be challenging!

Shades to stimulate the appetite!

Kitchen Fitter, BoltonThe kitchen is all about eating and enjoying fine food, so colours that stimulate the appetite are particularly suitable, especially if you tend to use your kitchen for dining or entertaining.

Red, yellow and blue shades can be used effectively to contrast with the colour of the cabinets, worktops or tiles for a stunning visual effect.

A background yellow, for example, set behind dark maple wall units, strongly emphasises the contrasts between the colours and creates a warm and inviting space that is a delight in which to dine.

White for a fresh start to the day

Kitchen ColoursAfter waking in the morning, the kitchen is probably one of the first places you visit in the home as you seek out a rousing cup of coffee or a nutritious breakfast.  A white kitchen emphasises freshness and cleanliness without being overbearing on tired eyes and is also highly effective for making a smaller kitchen appear to be larger.

To add colour to a white kitchen, you can select distinctive wall tiles or accessories – a lime green kettle, for instance, will stand out prominently – or, for a modern look, create an accent wall by applying a striking colour that is instantly unmissable.

Citrus colours for a soothing ambience

Kitchen Supply, BoltonCitrus colours work particularly well in kitchens, especially if they are small and you want to create an illusion of space. Yellow, for example, is always a good bet for creating a cheerful atmosphere that will encourage convivial conversation over a meal, as well as stimulating the appetite, and it’s difficult to make yellow overpowering in even the smallest of rooms.

Alternatively, greens can vary from delicate pastel shades to contemporary vivid colours and are particularly suitable for complementing wooden cabinets or worktops.

Choosing the right colour for your kitchen depends on a number of factors, including the size of the room, the colour of the wall tiles and cabinets and the atmosphere that you intend to create. But with a huge number of shades available, it’s very likely that you’ll be able to select the exact colours to make your kitchen a delightful place to cook, dine and socialise.